Tlll Death Do Us Part? Err...Not Quite

Divorce proceedings just wear me out. They leave me weary, in the actual sense of the word. How two people who met and decided that they wanted to come together as husband and wife get to a point where they no longer see eye to eye beats me. And I wonder, does it really have to be like this?

Asides the issues that might crop up in marriage, it is my opinion that one of the reasons for the prevalence of divorce in our society today, is getting married for the wrong reasons. When a couple does that, there comes a time when those reasons are no longer enough to sustain the marriage. Resentment could even set in. What constitutes a wrong reason varies. I won't go there today.

I just wish there would not be as many divorces as there are among couples, especially Christians. God help us all. 


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  2. Hey Evelyn, thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment. Will surely visit your blog :)


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