Letter To Ekwensu

I read a letter that Pastor Mildred Okonkwo wrote to her enemy sometime ago on her blog, www.justusgirlsnaija.wordpress.com. However, I'm writing mine to my Arch-enemy, the devil. I just thought there are a few things I should let him know, about this year. So, here goes..

Ekwensu, I know you do not want any good thing happening to me this year, but trust me, you shall be disappointed!

I know you don't give up easily. Or how can I explain the battles I'm faced with, this year alone? But you know what? Bring it on! The Lord teaches my hands to war. Besides, my victory is sure! I win every time. At the end? I'll testify to God's goodness.

You'd love for me walk about with a frown on my face, considering all my family is facing, wouldn't you? Ah..I won't give you that pleasure. I'll continue to smile and laugh. The joy I've got? You did not give it...so, you can't take it away!

Also, contrary to what you think, this is the year that I'd have restored to me, everything you stole from me in the past. I'm getting double for every shame I've faced.

You see, God's going to bless me so much this year, that you'd have to turn your back on me in shame and defeat.

I am warning you, but I know you won't listen so, you will see!


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