'Mama, Mama, Na Boy!'

I'm sure a lot of us remember the MTN Commercial where the title of my post was used. We also know that it was banned....for obvious reasons. It promoted the notion that one gender was better than the other. Thank God today a lot of people know better. However, there is still an alarming number of people who do not. For goodness sake, a girl child is just as precious as a boy child!

Recently, I was speaking with a senior colleague and he said something that struck me as outrageous. His wife is currently expecting and he says he wants a boy, not a girl, even though he already has two boys. Why? I ask. His reply? 'What would I do with a girl?'. I could not believe he said that. In fact, my jaw is still on the floor. Really? He married a girl. A girl became a woman and gave birth to him, no? If someone as educated as he is thinks this way, I wonder what to expect from the 'uneducated ones'. But wisdom was never thought in school, was it?

My Uncle's young wife keeps pushing out children every few years because she wants a boy. Five girls and probably counting.

Men go as far as treating their wives terribly or just marrying another one because the women did not have any male children. Like it's their fault! If you gave her the Y chromosome she would give you a boy!

Gender inequality should stop. Girl children are not second-class citizens. Enough said.


  1. Sadly our world is obsessed with the male child...the need for family continuity and all that.

    As for your senior colleague, I am sure he was a player back in his days which is why he is trying to avoid the girl child drama.

    1. Yes Lara, but Nigerians seem to be the most obsessed. I just wish it would stop.


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