DIY - Crochet Twist Wig

I've wanted to have a braids wig for some time now and making my own seemed like the best option. Then came the wahala of getting a good wig cap. Y'all know the normal wig cap is too light/weak/soft and can't take the weight of braids or twists. Another cap known as dome cap is usually used. It comes in a pack that says Dome cap. I went searching for this cap in the market here in Akure and couldn't find it.

I was now left with option B. Option B was using that net cap we used back in the day and still use (satin cap or scarf is better for your hair though). Using this cap meant I would first crochet the extension to the cap before braiding or twisting. I went with twisting.

I used two packs of Expression Rich Braids (the big pack). I had a little left though. Guys, I have to tell you it's a lot of work. The cap has a lot of holes and I tried to make sure no hole was visible. I think I succeeded. The thread used in knitting the cap however, was another thing. A few couldn't help peeking through the twists. But it's okay because it's the same colour as my hair underneath and the extension on top it's barely noticeable. The wig is really full too.

I made it fuller in front so I  could part it without holes. To know where to part I tacked a little white thread to the band at the point I wanted the part.

Even though I've been enjoying my wig so far, you'd get better results if you used a dome cap. I hope to get my hands on some of these soon.

There, you have it. Are you going to be trying out this DIY? What do you think about the wig?  Let me know in the comment box :-). See you soon.


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