Saturday, 23 July 2016

I Want My Sleep Back

Who needs an alarm clock when you have a baby? Waking up whenever I want went out the window the day I had my baby. I miss sleeping. I really do. Sleeping these days is a luxury. Oh the days of sleeping through the night. Sleeping any time I wanted. Sleeping till my head ached! Ah! I miss sweet, uninterrupted sleep.

You see, more often than not my baby wakes me up in the morning. She would wake up before me and start to play. When she gets tired of playing by herself, she'd pull at me(we still co-sleep). You'd think she'd let me sleep a bit, considering she didn't let me sleep through the night. How do new moms cope? Some nights I can't count how many times I wake up to nurse her. It's no wonder I've lost most of my pregnancy weight. Hubby thinks I should at least be grateful for that. Haha.

I just wish she would start sleeping through the night already. I have not had one night of uninterrupted sleep since she was born. Guys, not getting enough sleep is......... arrrrgh! This thing called motherhood ehn? Ko easy rara. But..... I am grateful to God for the opportunity, the privilege. I am grateful to God for making me a co-custodian of a beautiful little person:-). She's growing really fast though. It will get easier, right? Somebody please tell me it gets easier.

I just want my sleep back.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Hair files - I'm hair again

I'm back again.  Today I'll  be talking hair. Again. I know I've been talking a lot about hair lately.  Make una no vex. Better hair than nothing,  abi? Plus,  I really love hair, and talking about hair.
So I want to confess. A few months ago I grew really tired of my hair. It has not been easy. From suffering setbacks to postpartum shedding to a lack of good stylists and hair products, to not having enough time.... I almost threw my hands up.
I even considered relaxing. Then I remembered the reason i went natural. Straight hair no longer appealed to me. I considered texlaxing. At least I'd have some texture. Then i saw what freshly washed texlaxed hair looked like. Nah ah. Plus,  I'd still do almost everything I do as a Natural? Finger-detangling too? Just add a texlax that I'd have to do myself(cos i can't trust anyone here to do it), every few months. Mbanu.
I contemplated getting a hair cut. I went to google and really liked what saw. Then I visited Ifycynthetic and saw that she just got a haircut. I was so sure it was a sign. Went to Hubby for encouragement and moral support and got the opposite. Showed him pictures of really cool shaved sides cut on natural hair but dude was not having it. He called it "Onome Aganga hairstyle". I wonder who Onome Aganga is. By the way, fast-forward a few weeks, my sister-in-law was rocking Onome Aganga as I  saw from her facebook profile pic. I laughed so hard at Hubby. I love my SIL, she's  so cool.
Anyways,  I've  put any permanent or semi-permanent alterations to my hair on the shelf. I've  decided to go with little or no manipulation. Found me a go to style.
Jumbo twists.  Why isn't there a enough rave about those things? They're a life saver. So picture this,  I put my hair in jumbo twists,  rock them for a few days. Unravel to reveal bomb twist outs. Rock for a few days. Throw 'em in a bun or two for as long as I want. Guys, I think I found me a keeper.
No more worrying my head over long-term protective styles. They've been doing more harm than good,  anyway.

My twist outs,  before and after humidity

Till I  come again, stay safe. Loads of 

Thursday, 7 July 2016

My Miracle Baby - Part 1

 A few months after my wedding, I started to have pregnancy symptoms. I had basically all the symptoms, even implantation bleeding. I was so sure I was pregnant. After watching myself for a while, I told my husband I thought I might be pregnant. I remember the look on his face. It was a look of pleasant surprise/disbelief/shock. We had just started trying to conceive that month.
I forgot to say that I had every other symptom except the most popular one. I had not missed my period yet. Well, my research showed a pregnancy test strip could determine pregnancy even before one missed their period. So, off I went to get a PT strip. I read the instructions on how to use it but I didn't quite understand them. I  left it in the urine for more than 30 minutes, giving me inconclusive results. Haha, hope I don't sound like INEC. Despite the inconclusive result, I was still certain I was pregnant. I went to and registered as I very impatiently waited for the date of my period to come and pass.
I just had a few more days to go, about 5, when the unexpected happened. I started to spot. Again? First one, google said was implantation bleeding. Which one is this again? Off I went, again to google. Google had a lot of things to say, but they didn't make sense to me. You see my period usually came like clockwork. I had a very regular cycle. The days in my cycle were the same every time and I KNEW this was not my period. The only explanation that made sense was......chemical pregnancy. Boy, was I heart broken. I cried. If you've ever gone through a miscarriage, you might understand the pain I felt. My heart goes out to anyone reading this who has experienced any kind of loss.
You guys are probably thinking, "she was not even pregnant" or "the embryo was barely formed", so I shouldn't have felt any loss. Trust me guys, it does not work like that and you do not want to be in those shoes. It was not funny. What I did? I went to my Father, God. I think I even asked why? Why Lord? I prayed and cried and then I felt peace. It was alright. It was going to be alright.
My period later showed. Right when it was supposed to. I saw a ray of light through the cloud that was my period; another opportunity to try again. And try we did.
To be continued......
 That face though, like I knew something wrong was happening. Found out I was spotting when I got home from making this hair.

Peace after the storm. I could now smile 

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Hair Files - How to Make Your Own Length-check T-shirt

For the longest time i wanted to have a length-check t-shirt. I hadn't gotten round to getting one when Dabs of Naija Hair Can Grow started taking entries for her 'six inches in one year challenge', which I wanted to be a part of. One of her criteria was that you had to send a 'before' picture with a length-check T-shirt. Deadline for submission was close, did not know how I was going to get one where I live. So I decided to improvise. You know how they say necessity is the mother of invention....

I dug out one white T-shirt I had used during NYSC. I know, I really need to dispose of some cluster, sigh. Anyways, I got a marker, ruler and a measuring tape and got to work. I first marked the inches as dots at the back of the T-shirt. One dot on the left, another on the right, then I joined them using a ruler(makeshift). Then I numbered it. I continued till I got to the hem of the T-shirt.

I wish I had pictures to show every step but lost the ones I took. Below are pictures of me using the T-shirt in my last length-check.

This is actually the second length check T-shirt I made. First one didn't quite work out. It hugged my body, so I couldn't see the numbers at my lower back. I had to use a bigger one. After all the trouble sef I couldn't gather liver to send my entry :-). At least, I have a length-check T-shirt.

Alright guys, that's it. See you soon.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Hair Files- Flat Twist Outs

Heys guys, how you been? So a few weeks ago, I decided to try out a flat twist out. I'd washed my hair and put it in flexi-rods and a few plastic rollers, which I let stay on overnight.

By the time I took out the rods and rollers the next afternoon, the parts of my hair where I used flexi-rods were still not dry and had no curls :(. I got opposite results where I used rollers though.

Anyways, after plenty brainstorming, I decided to do a flat twists in front and jumbo normal twists behind. I wore my hair like this for a few days before unraveling to give me a half twist-outs/flat twist-out style.

What do ya think? Was it a hit or a miss?
Please let me know in the comment box :-).

Friday, 1 July 2016

I'm Back

I'm so so sorry guys. I've been away for too long. I almost can't believe it. I've been away for good reasons but I won't bore you with the details. However, I've got some good news. I had a baby! Yeah. I'm a grateful parent to a beautiful baby girl. She came around the time I stopped posting. I really wanted to tell you guys before she came, but .....It's what I was talking about here.

Anyways, I'm back to active blogging, I hope. As you would understand, I have a somewhat hectic life now. As I type this she's pulling at me :-). I'm so glad to be back y'all. I really missed being here.
So, here's to a better blogger-reader relationship and plenty of fun!

See you soon.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Women Have Fish Brain?

"Women have fish brain, women have fish brain". Yadayadayadayada. I'm sure you guys have heard this before. Maybe, more than once sef. You probably say it yourself and believe it too. I promise, if I hear this one more time, I'd scream. Ah ah! Now, this statement is usually made by men. They say it and I feel like kicking them. Why would anyone make such a sweeping generalisation? And  such a derogatory one too? Why?

A woman makes a wrong relationship choice; women have fish brain. She stays in a bad relationship; women have fish brain. A woman fights with another woman; all women have fish brain. Whatever a woman does; all women fish brain. Haba!

Any of you think women have fish brain? Maybe you're even a woman yourself and you have said this. News flash! Women do not have fish brain. Same way men do not have fish brain. God created us all, male and female, intellectual equals. He did not give one fish brain and another meat brain. He however, gave them certain qualities and dispositions. He gave the woman a kind heart, a gentle spirit, motherly instinct. What people interprete as fish brain is her vulnerability and sometimes her gullibility. You see,  these traits are born out of her natural character compositions.

While men respond to what to what they see, women respond to what they hear. This is the reason a man could treat a woman like crap, tell her he loves her and she'd stay, against her better judgement.

Women are smart and intelligent. Their instincts are almost never wrong. They just need to overcome their gullible tendencies. And the only way I know to do this is to allow themselves to be led by the Holy Spirit. To qualify for leading, a woman has to first become a daughter of God. She becomes a daughter of God by giving her heart to Jesus and accepting Him as Lord and Saviour.

Women, gives your hearts to Jesus. There are a lot of benefits. Wisdom, Spirit-controlled temperament, joy etc. Plus, you'd stop giving women a  bad name by acting gullible. Your wise side would always win, over your gullible side.

A quick reminder guys; women do not have fish brain, whatever your interpretation of fish brain is.