Blow Drying and Straightening Attempt

For the first time since I've been natural I attempted to straighten my hair. I washed and deep conditioned and then got to the task. I blow dried first using a blow dryer with comb attachment. I did this in sections and made a loose twist of each section as I went. Then I straightened each of those sections when I was done with the blow drying. It took quite sometime. Especially as the power holders took and brought back power in between:-) .

I almost gave up but I trudged on. I Bantu knotted each section after straightening. Only for me to finish and my hair was already reverting. All my labour.... Just poof! My hair merely looked blow dried, not straightened. Sigh. I had to bun it when what I really wanted was to flaunt it and show off my length. The struggle!

Guys, it's getting more difficult to take care of my hair. I don't know how much of this I can take before I backslide o. Right now, it's really tempting to get a tub of relaxer. I'm just tired. I'm not feeling my hair. It's not doing so well. Still shedding. My ends look terrible. Edges scanty. Overall appearance to me is unhealthy. And I don't have time. Did I mention how many breaks I had to take to attend to a fussy baby? I'm seriously losing it with this hair. Oh well, enough of my ranting. Just don't be surprised if in the next post I tell you I've relaxed my hair. This may very well be the last picture of my natural hair you'll be seeing.

Alright. See you all later :-).


  1. Stumbling on this blog for the first time. So informative....Will check back.

    1. Thanks SheaMapo. Please visit again.

    2. Thanks SheaMapo. Please visit again.


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