DIY - Crochet Wig Using Expression Multi

I used Expression crochet braids for a client recently and thought I'd try it out as a crochet wig. I had damaged my Afro/curly wig when I decided to give it a haircut and so needed another one.  Expression Multi seemed like a good extension to use.

I got a pack of the extension(blame my alaroroism :-)), plus I really thought it would do. I also got a mesh cap. Then work started in earnest.

It turned out one was not enough and it was late Saturday evening. The store where they sold weaves close to my house would have been closed already. So, I decided to curl the straight extension I had left from making my braid wig. I do not have perm rods. How was I going to do this? Whatever method I was going to use had to give me curls consistent with the ones in the extension. Well, I curled the extension  by wrapping it round my used kinky extensions like I was doing faux locs.

My first attempts gave my tighter curls than I wanted so I spaced my wrapping and this gave me almost an exact replica of the curls of Expression multi. I still used the tighter curls though and as you would see, the difference was not so obvious.

When I was done with it, I did cornrows along my hairline (back and front) and twisted the rest. Then I wore the wig and tacked  the band to the cornrows and viola! My hair was done. I've been rocking the wig since.

You have it guys :-). Until next time.

PS : I am having some challenges uploading pictures. Don't know why. Please bear with me. I will update posts to include the necessary pictures as soon as I can.
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