Age is Really a Number

The other day,  in the process of filling a form in a public office I was asked my age. I was like "errrm... I was clearly wracking my brain, trying to remember my age. One of the officials said, "you don't know your age?",staring at me in surprise. I quickly gave what I thought was my age which she promptly wrote down but on a second and deeper thought I realised it was the wrong age! I remembered my birth year, I had just lost count of the past few years. I had to do quick maths. 2016-(the year I was born)=my current age. Aha! Finally got it. Told the lady and she cancelled the previous one and wrote the right one :-). I promise I'm not making this up. I can't believe it myself. I forgot my age. 

So, here's why I think it happened. One, I just lost track of the years. Yeah, that can happen. Two, I've got a lot on my mind (don't ask me what). Three,....... 

I stopped counting! Which would not have happened if I was still single. Being a single lady in Nigeria is not easy. You are constantly reminded of your age. An Uncle comes visiting and thinks it's okay to just ask out of the blues, " Scarlet, how old are you again?". Really?! Mother's friend nko? The constant "who's the lucky guy" questions. The incredulous look when you tell them you're not even in a relationship 😂 :-D. Even your friends remind you of your age when they call to wish you happy birthday. So you now understand when I say it couldn't have happened if I was still single. 

On another note, that's not the way to go about life. I can't be losing track of things like that. I've got goals, vision, dreams that have to be met, fulfilled. Time waits for no man. I've got to be time-conscious. I'm not getting any younger and there's just so much to be done. 

I may be married but that's no reason to sit on my butt. Like I always say, getting married is not an achievement. So, here's saying to yours truly - get off your butt girl and get werrking!

PS ; Being married? Caring for a baby? Now that's work, on a whole 'nother level!


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