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I'm back again.  Today I'll  be talking hair. Again. I know I've been talking a lot about hair lately.  Make una no vex. Better hair than nothing,  abi? Plus,  I really love hair, and talking about hair.
So I want to confess. A few months ago I grew really tired of my hair. It has not been easy. From suffering setbacks to postpartum shedding to a lack of good stylists and hair products, to not having enough time.... I almost threw my hands up.
I even considered relaxing. Then I remembered the reason i went natural. Straight hair no longer appealed to me. I considered texlaxing. At least I'd have some texture. Then i saw what freshly washed texlaxed hair looked like. Nah ah. Plus,  I'd still do almost everything I do as a Natural? Finger-detangling too? Just add a texlax that I'd have to do myself(cos i can't trust anyone here to do it), every few months. Mbanu.
I contemplated getting a hair cut. I went to google and really liked what saw. Then I visited Ifycynthetic and saw that she just got a haircut. I was so sure it was a sign. Went to Hubby for encouragement and moral support and got the opposite. Showed him pictures of really cool shaved sides cut on natural hair but dude was not having it. He called it "Onome Aganga hairstyle". I wonder who Onome Aganga is. By the way, fast-forward a few weeks, my sister-in-law was rocking Onome Aganga as I  saw from her facebook profile pic. I laughed so hard at Hubby. I love my SIL, she's  so cool.
Anyways,  I've  put any permanent or semi-permanent alterations to my hair on the shelf. I've  decided to go with little or no manipulation. Found me a go to style.
Jumbo twists.  Why isn't there a enough rave about those things? They're a life saver. So picture this,  I put my hair in jumbo twists,  rock them for a few days. Unravel to reveal bomb twist outs. Rock for a few days. Throw 'em in a bun or two for as long as I want. Guys, I think I found me a keeper.
No more worrying my head over long-term protective styles. They've been doing more harm than good,  anyway.

My twist outs,  before and after humidity

Till I  come again, stay safe. Loads of 


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