What Do You Want?

What do people really want? Do you know? Does anybody know?
I've noticed that people can hardly be pleased. I remember when I was a bit overweight(I was a size 12, that's overweight for me). My Aunt would say something like 'which kind fat be this?'. My mom thought I was too big. My friends went 'you should watch your weight'. Infact, everyone was talking, dad, uncle, even those that had no business talking to me about my weight.

Then, I started to lose weight, gradually till I started to swim in my old clothes. They began again. My Dad would hold me by the hand, take a good look at me and say 'this girl, are you even eating?' My mom went 'you are too dry'. I reminded them that they thought I was too fat before.

Recently, I was talking with my mom about age difference between couples. I said age was just a number and that it did not matter if the woman was a few years older than the man. She didn't want to hear it o. She disqualified a friend of mine who she actually liked when she found out I was about 3 months older than him. Then she meets another friend who is about 10 years older and thinks he's too old. What does she want?

Really, just what do people want? Well, I've also learnt that I can't please everybody. So, if it makes me happy and my God does not have any problems with it, I'd do it. I can't take everything people say now, can I?

By the way, anyone that has discovered a way to please everyone should tell me.



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