Why We Judge and How to Stop

If you have ever judged anyone raise your hand. Well, my hand is up. I know I have. Not lately though. I know better now. I have also been at the receiving end. However, when I found out that it was only God that had the right to judge me, in Romans 14:10, I stopped caring about being judged by others. And I knew that I also did not have the right to judge others.

So while studying one of Joyce Meyer's devotionals, I discovered why it is so easy to judge others and not ourselves. It's that we look at ourselves through rose-coloured glasses and others through a magnifying glass. How else can you explain the fact that we judge others for the sames things we are guilty of. Everyone has a log in his eyes. It takes God's spirit to remove it so he can see clearly. Ever wondered why the Bible also said that in a man's eyes, everything he does is right? Proverbs 21:2.

 Let me pass on Joyce Meyer's advice to you. How about you try to see the best in others and turn the magnifying glass on yourself? That way you won't be guilty of judging others plus, you become a better person. Have a great weekend people :)


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