The Pressure Never Ends


In Economics we were taught that human wants are insatiable. Well, I say human beings are insatiable, period. I say this because with every stage of your life they seem to expect more from you. When you graduate from Secondary school you'd have people asking if you've gained admission yet. Then you're in the University and they're like, "Scarlet you've not graduated?". Do you even know when I got in school? I want to ask. When you do graduate they go "You've not still gone for NYSC?"

Why so curious ehn? Why do we feel the need to know? Why can't you wait till the person volunteers the information? Or wait till you stumble on it? It doesn't end with NYSC o. That's even when it really starts. You'll hear, "Na husband remain o", "na to start work now o". As though they kept a job for you somewhere. Almost everyone starts asking when you're getting married, who's the lucky guy, bla bla bla. Someone even asked me "when is the wedding?", like she knew about an engagement I was not aware of. God help you if you're in your mid to late twenties or even older. You might just have to get ear plugs.

When God does it for you and you get married, you'd think they'd just let you enjoy your marriage and relax. Mba o. That's when you'll hear, "the thing don enter?", "any bun in the oven"? To be honest, I've been guilty of this. But I've learnt to keep my curiosity to myself, especially in matters like this. You just never know how the person would take it. People are different and some more sensitive than others. While I do not have any problems with a CLOSE friend asking if I'm pregnant yet, depending on how long I've been married and maybe trying to get pregnant, I may not want to hear it. I remember having a neighbor say to me after I got married, "Iyawo give us baby o". Like seriously, give us baby? Us who? Did they want my baby for than I did?

Then you get pregnant and are barely showing before you start hearing, "you never born?" Hian! You have your baby. Praise God. World people still won't let you rest. You just got back from the hospital and someone is asking. "Hope it was not CS o?" "Hope no tear?" "Did they cut you?". Is it your business? Does it matter? Like, why so curious? As your baby gets older you'd still hear things like, "is she sitting yet?" "Has she started walking?". Of course she has.  Since the average child starts walking at 8 months!

While you're still trying to juggle motherhood with being a wife and a career person. And still dealing with the midnight nursing, diaper changes and forever changed body, someone thinks it's okay to ask why you're not yet pregnant for the second baby.  If they knew what I went through during and after pregnancy,  they'd ask me to take a 5-year break.

You see, human beings are insatiable. You can't live your life taking what people say seriously. Try not to take things to heart. Be sensitive to the feelings of others. Do not be overly curious. They did say "curiosity killed the cat that got the canary". Hehehe, I couldn't resist.

Till next time guys. 


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