When You're in Rome

I currently live in the west after having lived in the South for most of my life. The cultures and traditions of both areas are almost as different as night and day. Even though as a child I lived in Lagos for about 5 years, it did not prepare me for life in Akure. And y'all know Lagos is everybody's land.

Throw back pic to when my service year(2012). My first time in Akure. 

All my life before coming here, I did not have to kneel or genuflect to greet anybody. Here however,  it's a different thing. Every time I do it I feel awkward and ask myself if it is really necessary. I'm sure I look awkward too. Will they really think I do not respect them if I do not do it? Sometimes I'd only remember to genuflect after greeting. When this happens I pray I'm the only person who noticed. I wonder how awkward they must find me.

Then you have people who are your in your Aunt's age range adding "ma" to every sentence they say to you. I'm like, for real!? Because of these ones you too now want to add "ma" to everything you say. So they won't go and say this Omo Ibo is rude o. Really though, is it necessary? Whatever happened to just greeting "good morning"? Or simply answering "yes or no"?
Then the Aunty calling. It does not matter if your the person is younger than you. You call them Aunty. And if the person is your in-law....ha, you better call that Aunty with respect. Even if they're your baby sister's age.

Also, did you know that it's expected  of you to speak for your baby who can't speak yet? For example, if someone sees you with your baby and decides to have a conversation with her,  you have answer for the baby. And I'm thinking, why talk to a baby who you know cannot speak yet and expect their mom to answer? Even on the phone? How about you just say whatever you want to say to me? It really took me while to understand that they actually expect me to reply when they tell my baby good morning. That's after we've exchanged our own good mornings o. Haha! One person was even offended and told me when they greet my baby I'm supposed to answer. Hian! How am I supposed to know? We don't do that where I come from na.

Let me end my rant with this story. Someone told me how she went to the market and stopped at a stall. When she asked how much the goods cost, the seller told her she would not sell to her. Why? She did not greet her. Really? Are you not in the market to sell? Which is more important? Selling your goods or receiving greeting?

They say when you're in Rome you should act like a Roman abi? I will...but I'm a bad actor so no one should expect perfect delivery.


  1. Lol!
    How awkward! That's certainly one I've never heard before- expecting that you answer for a baby who doesn't speak yet. Saw a link to your blog from your comment on Collin's page. Nice blog 😊😊😊

    1. I know right! I'm learning new things about the cultural differences here like everyday.
      Thanks for your compliment and for stopping by😀.


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