My Miracle Baby (Part 2)

About month after I had a chemical pregnancy  I started to have the same symptoms I had before. Symptoms I was now sure were signs of pregnancy. I started having them before I even missed my period. I kept it to myself for a few days then I told my husband who thought we should wait till I missed my period before doing a test. I  agreed even though I knew that period was not coming.

Mhenn, I could barely wait. A day after the period was supposed to show from my calculations, off to the hospital we went. This was actually because I was now feeling some kind of pain in my belly. I did not want what happened the first time to happen again so I thought it was better to go to the hospital in case there was something not right and could be helped by doctors.

They ran some tests after I told the doctor how I was feeling. They also did a scan. When the other results came in, my husband and I were called into the doctor's office. And, I got the the greatest news I'd heard that year was followed by the worst news. I was pregnant but the pregnancy wants to drop, in the doctor's words. Hian! Doctor said he was placing me on injections twice a week for twelve weeks, starting that day.

I asked the doctor why the baby "wanted" to drop and he said something about my hormones reducing because of my age. In his words, "when a woman approaches a certain age, some hormones start to reduce". That didn't quite sit well with me because I was not even 30 yet. Two, hormones reducing bawo? My mom had kids in her late thirties with no issues. Plus, my menstrual cycle was regular and all. Okay,  maybe I know nothing about these things but for whatever reason I did not believe this doctor's report.

I sha went to start the injections cos in my mind I was like, "shebi na just injections ......" I had to get it first at the hospital pharmacy. The lady we met there told us the injections cost Three thousand naira, each. Hian!  Only injection? All I needed was to do a quick maths for my brain to reset. And I thought, "why do we want to spend money that we do not have so much of to "preserve" a baby that God has already put there?". I just laughed and told my husband, "let's go".

We left but not before sowing a seed of faith into the lives of a newborn set of twins that had just been discharged from the hospital. On our way home we decided to branch by the church and see our resident pastor. We saw him, told him what the doctor had said and he anointed and prayed for me. He then advised us to go to a government-owned hospital for another scan. We followed his advice and the next day we were off to the state-owned hospital.
To be continued.


  1. Omg! How utterly traumatizing it must be to receive such a report.
    I'll read up and see what happened next...

    1. Yes Judith, it would have been traumatizing, except I did not believe it.
      Will post the concluding part soon. I've just been lazy 😊.


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