My Miracle Baby - Part 1

 A few months after my wedding, I started to have pregnancy symptoms. I had basically all the symptoms, even implantation bleeding. I was so sure I was pregnant. After watching myself for a while, I told my husband I thought I might be pregnant. I remember the look on his face. It was a look of pleasant surprise/disbelief/shock. We had just started trying to conceive that month.
I forgot to say that I had every other symptom except the most popular one. I had not missed my period yet. Well, my research showed a pregnancy test strip could determine pregnancy even before one missed their period. So, off I went to get a PT strip. I read the instructions on how to use it but I didn't quite understand them. I  left it in the urine for more than 30 minutes, giving me inconclusive results. Haha, hope I don't sound like INEC. Despite the inconclusive result, I was still certain I was pregnant. I went to and registered as I very impatiently waited for the date of my period to come and pass.
I just had a few more days to go, about 5, when the unexpected happened. I started to spot. Again? First one, google said was implantation bleeding. Which one is this again? Off I went, again to google. Google had a lot of things to say, but they didn't make sense to me. You see my period usually came like clockwork. I had a very regular cycle. The days in my cycle were the same every time and I KNEW this was not my period. The only explanation that made sense was......chemical pregnancy. Boy, was I heart broken. I cried. If you've ever gone through a miscarriage, you might understand the pain I felt. My heart goes out to anyone reading this who has experienced any kind of loss.
You guys are probably thinking, "she was not even pregnant" or "the embryo was barely formed", so I shouldn't have felt any loss. Trust me guys, it does not work like that and you do not want to be in those shoes. It was not funny. What I did? I went to my Father, God. I think I even asked why? Why Lord? I prayed and cried and then I felt peace. It was alright. It was going to be alright.
My period later showed. Right when it was supposed to. I saw a ray of light through the cloud that was my period; another opportunity to try again. And try we did.
To be continued......
 That face though, like I knew something wrong was happening. Found out I was spotting when I got home from making this hair.

Peace after the storm. I could now smile 


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