I Want My Sleep Back

Who needs an alarm clock when you have a baby? Waking up whenever I want went out the window the day I had my baby. I miss sleeping. I really do. Sleeping these days is a luxury. Oh the days of sleeping through the night. Sleeping any time I wanted. Sleeping till my head ached! Ah! I miss sweet, uninterrupted sleep.

You see, more often than not my baby wakes me up in the morning. She would wake up before me and start to play. When she gets tired of playing by herself, she'd pull at me(we still co-sleep). You'd think she'd let me sleep a bit, considering she didn't let me sleep through the night. How do new moms cope? Some nights I can't count how many times I wake up to nurse her. It's no wonder I've lost most of my pregnancy weight. Hubby thinks I should at least be grateful for that. Haha.

I just wish she would start sleeping through the night already. I have not had one night of uninterrupted sleep since she was born. Guys, not getting enough sleep is......... arrrrgh! This thing called motherhood ehn? Ko easy rara. But..... I am grateful to God for the opportunity, the privilege. I am grateful to God for making me a co-custodian of a beautiful little person:-). She's growing really fast though. It will get easier, right? Somebody please tell me it gets easier.

I just want my sleep back.


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