Hair, There, Everywhere!

Have you guys seen the movie, War Room? Well, I've seen it and it's an amazing movie. In case y'all don't know, it's a faith-based movie, produced by Kendrick Brothers of the Fireproof fame. I totally recommend it to every Christian.

However, today I'm not talking about the movie. Well, except to say ; can people stop recommending the movie to everyone who complains about a cheating husband? They are totally missing the point of the movie. That movie is about the power of prayer. Think James 5:16b - ".....the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much". So, it irks me when I read about someone complaining that her lover is cheating and another person says "go and watch war room". Seriously? I am really happy about the publicity this movie is getting but I don't know how someone can watch that movie and only thing they'd get from it is that if your significant other is cheating,, prayer will put them in check. I'm not saying prayer won't or can't do that. I'm saying, how about all the other important issues addressed in the movie? Why narrow the movie down to "cheating husband or boyfriend"? Boyfriend! If your boyfriend is cheating, you better take a walk. Yeah, I said it. Instead of watching War room over him, girl you better walk. If you stay you'd just be setting yourself up for heartaches. Plus, how do even have sex with a guy you are not married to and then pray to GOD to stop him from cheating? Really hilarious something. Girl, don't kid yaself.

See how all those people made me derail this post now :-). Anyway, now that I got that outta the way, let me go where I was going. For those whose have seen the movie, did you see Elizabeth's( Priscilla Shirer's character) hair?! Okay, so after seeing the movie(which I need to do again), I could not stop wondering what she had done to get the hair like that. I thought that can't be her hair. How can one person's hair be so full.  It had to be crochet twist outs. Mind you, whatever it was, I loved it already. So, off to google I went searching for any possible way to achieve Priscilla Shirer's hair in War room. Guys, imagine my shock when I find out it not crochet anything but all her hair in twist outs! She is officially my very first hair crush!

Twist outs are her go-to style. She twists her hair with leave-in conditioner and gel to achieve the hairstyle she had in War room. So, in addition to spiritual inspiration, I got some beauty/hair inspiration. Judge me if you want guys, I just love hair laidat! 😛

Source All that hair! 
Until next time, enjoy some pictures of Priscilla Shirer. And check her out on her website- and YouTube. She awesome and her messages will change your life.


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