You CAN Say No!

No is a two-letter word. It's simple enough. I don't know why we find it so difficult to say, sometimes. It's like we don't understand that we can say no, and heaven won't fall. Nobody will kill us. Reminds of that MTN commercial. The one where the girl asked the guy, "what part of no do you not understand? The N or the O? Haha, now that's a girl who can say no.

So, it's like this. Someone asks you for a favour and you say 'okay', when you know that you won't or you can't, for whatever reason. Why?

Someone tells you about his wedding and you ask for asoebi. In fact, you go a step further and ask that the person takes it to your Tailor for you since, you are in a different state. Wedding pass, you nor come. You nor call to explain. Asoebi, you nor pay for. Ahn ahn! Funny thing is, you asked for asoebi o, and said you will come. Why bother? Why not just say, 'ma bi nu, I can't come'. Heaven will not fall, nobody will kill you.

That brings me to this wedding RSVP thing. Why is it that in Nigeria people don't practice it. Do we even know what it is? When I was younger, we used to call it ,'rice and beans very plenty'. Don't ask me which of the words the S represents :-). Courtesy demands that if you are invited for a wedding or any other occasion, you tell them whether you are coming or not. To say the least, it is rude to just be silent, not turn up or pretend you did not get an invitation. Just rude!

Ehen, back to the 'no' issue. Please let's learn how to say no. Abi wetin una want me to talk? Let's learn it now, and practice it, since it seems like a hard thing. It would go a long way in saving us and others a lot of wahala.

Have a great weekend dears. Shalom.


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