Good Looks Are Overrated?

I love beauty. Who doesn't abi? I pay special attention to aesthetics. I take special note of facial features, physique, figure etc. I people watch. A lot! I love looking at people. Admiring God's creation, I call it.
I've always said I did not want to marry a man that I couldn't just gaze at his face while slept. My man needs to be beautiful or at least easy on the eyes. I've always liked fine guys. I love them tall, lanky, sweet-faced. Yes, that's the picture of my ideal man.

However, I've been thinking I might need to give up that picture. Lately, I've been saying to myself "good looks are overrated". Why? Look at it this way, if I've got a really great guy that I know is the one, and he does not fit that picture, it would be insane of me to keep waiting for the guy who fits the picture, right? Someone said " love comes in different packages". I could also argue for the other side that God works with our desires, so He'd give me what I want. A fine lanky guy, who loves Him and loves me. Dassall, I no get big eye.

So, I have to let let my fantasy go? It's God's will for me that matters, whether the man na hunk or not. Good looks will not pay the bills, abi?( I say abi a lot, I know :D). Unless, the man's a model :D. But I know what to do.

I'll get over my fears that the absence of good looks in my man will get in the way of my giving myself completely to him. Vain? *shrugs* That if he is not fine, I might be repulsed by him. Yeah, I have issues. I'll get over my fantasy. After all, there are only so many O. T Fagbenles :D. I'll choose God's will over fine guy, if I had to choose. Oh well.                                                                         

Did I make any sense with this post? Pardon me if I didn't. #Ranting tins.

Stay blessed.


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