Enough is Enough!

Maybe I should change my blog name to " The Laziest Blogger Ever", *covers face. Gosh! I am so ashamed of myself. Do I even still have blog visitors? Chei! Happy new month people even if boko haram does not want us to be happy. Last month was crazy, this month is starting crazy. While my heart is still breaking over our missing girls, I get news of another bomb blast. Kilonshele? Everyone is calling Jonathan. I follow o. Does he need to step down for all of this to stop? He should consider it o. I am weary from hearing all the bad news. Some people say we should stop praying. What else are we going to do other than pray to God and make noise so government hears and does something? Abuja people, you are in our prayers. I don't even know what to say again. #Bringbackourgirls #Enoughisenough


  1. lmao @ laziest Blogger there is. Truth is you aren't. Trust me, i have Blogger friends who are far worse... Lets just say you dont fall too far from them. #naplayoh.

    So i like the way you write. Its simple but fun. I hate the insurgencies that we are facing. There seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel, cause NEPA seems to have taken the light there too :( :(. All we can do is Pray. Trust me Scarlet, Jo stepping down will be a huge mistake, cause they wont stop. They will only get stronger, and believe they are invincible. Its not about the Taste of power as much as the show of Power which his office upholds, so he cant chicken out. i cant believ i am standing for Jonathan, but it true Bubba, He has to stay.

    Pretty nice Blog. I write at duruadolphusjnr.blogspot.com Lets just say i am Young and Confused.

    So its official, i am in love with your Blog, and amma gonna follow you right away. Please write More Scarlet. Cheers to more beautiful days of Blogging. udo

  2. Nonso, you are right. Jonathan stepping down is not the best way to go. I still think he needs to sit up though.

    Thanks for loving my blog, will surely pay you a visit :)


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