Any Awards for the Most Careless Person on Earth?

In 2012, when I almost lost my phone after I left it in Church, I concluded that I am the most careless person I know. Two years later, I am still the most careless person I know. I did it again. On Friday, I left my phone where I went to eat. Suffice to say, when I went back, I did not find it. I was not as lucky as the first time. So, the same day I received news that the files on my crashed computer hard drive could not be retrieved, I lost my phone. Just how much information can one lose in a day? I was really sad and wanted to cry, but tears wouldn't come. How does one stop being careless? I need serious help. Any drugs to take? :D

Seriously though, my carelessness has got to stop. So yes, I think I take the top spot on the list of careless people. Any awards for me, anyone?


  1. stable your mind..have presence of mind dont keep your mind working in any other ine thing at one time


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