Do You Have to be a Victim Before You Act?

When I see headlines like "so and so was raped", I don't like to read. This is because, to say the least these stories break my heart. They tear me apart. This is the little I can do to help. Write about it. Create awareness?

Asides the rage we feel at these atrocities, can we try to do more? Cry out? Louder? Why do rapists/paedophiles go unpunished more often than not? When we are not blaming the victim, we are trying to cover up atrocities.

After saying "Eiyah", what next? What happens to the victim? What happens to the perpetrator?
We don't talk about this thing enough. We don't act enough. And I've just about had enough of that. Do something.... please.


  1. I have often said that there should be stronger laws and accountability against rape in Nigeria and stronger sentences too. We talk and talk and talk. And for years,nothing has been done. We suffer in silence,especially in Africa because of the 'traditional thing' that keeps strangling us. Africa is not women friendly at all!!!

    1. There's so much truth in your comment. Sadly, you are right Bola.


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