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Hey guys! Been a while, huh? Trying times for my family, but we're going to pull through. I bless God for the gift of life, family and friends. Yeah, but most of all I bless God for being God in my life and family. The enemy attacked, but the battle is the Lord's and victory is sure.

I was just thinking how God is really the only One you can depend on. The truth is, no matter how caring a friend is, he can not always be there for you. God's been my solace these trying times. I've had to walk around, smile, work, gist like all was well because you know what, all is well!

Let me take some time to talk about the meaning of my name. My birth name is Onyebuchi. It is actually a short version of a longer version. You do not want to be calling your child a whole sentence, hence the shortening. The literal meaning of the name is, 'who is God?'. But no, the name is not asking who God is. Usually, when I tell people the meaning of my name they go, " God is the Almighty......". Then I have to start explaining. My name is asking a question quite alright , but not that one. The answer to the question my name asks is....NOBODY. My name asks, "who is God among men?" or "who is God among his peers?".

God alone is God! All over. Not just among men and his peers. In the heavens and the earth. He alone has the final say in my life, my family, concerning my destiny. So, I'm rest assured in my God. The enemy can attack. The storm can rage. But only the counsel and the will of God will come to pass. He's been there for me. He will not fail me now. He is God!

Enjoy this music video and be blessed.


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