Chaste is Boring

Did I actually type that for my heading? Well, that's what I'm hearing. What used to be a virtue is now a taboo, in this day and age where the normal is abnormal and vice-versa.
The girls hardly spare any thought for chastity and the men......the men don't even want to marry virgins.

 So, you are a virgin? You are so old school. Ha! There must be something wrong with you. You are not having sex? No sleep-overs at some guy's place? Are you gay? That's it! Maybe you do girls.

Good Lord! I am so tired of all these kind of talk. Can we please go back to the times when people waited till they were married before they had sex? Can we please go back to the days when chastity was appreciated and not scorned? Can we please go back to the days when Ladies did not dress to bare all?! Ladies! I need some help here. The days when a man would see a woman and sex would be the furthest on his mind?

I am tired of men painting women as sex objects and women living up to the status. Even dying in the process. Biko nu, ozugo! Bring back the days when remaining chaste till marriage was not seen as a near impossibility by many. Bring back the days when a young girl would rather be chaste than chased. The days when chaste was not boring!

Thank you.


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