Between Me and Whizkid

So my dear friend had a dream in which she saw me get married to Whizkid. It was all over the news, she said. Why wouldn't it be? It was 'moi' getting married! Hehehe. When she called to tell me about the dream, I laughed and laughed. Whizkid? From where? And seriously? I could do better for myself. He is Whizkid. Underline 'kid'. Okay, I know he's a Celeb and all. Who wouldn't love to marry a Celeb? Don't get me wrong o. Nothing wrong with him, he just aint the man for me.

So let us interprete the dream, shall we? Apparently, wedding bells in the air for me :). Yelz.. And, I'm going to be marrying a Celebrity? :]Y. My wedding's going to be a society wedding? If my mom has anything to do with it, it will be. I'm getting married to a Whiz kid, not the Whizkid? It may very well be :).

Bottom line is ; Whizkid or no Whizkid, I'm getting married. Yay! So, watch this space coming soon.


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