What's Love Got To Do With It? Plenty!

Love, love, love. What does it mean anyway? Well, I'm not going into that discussion today. But I have a question. Yeah, the question up there. What has love got to do with who you marry? Should you marry for love? Should you marry someone you do not love? He loves you and you do not love him, should you go ahead and marry him? Hehehe......the questions are plenty abi?

I hear a lot of things.For instance,  'God did not say you should marry who you love but that you should love who you marry'. And I'm like, enhe? Really? For someone like me who is a romantic at heart, that's not something I want to hear. Can I not have both? Marry who I love and continue to love him in marriage? I see a lot of couples, Christians even, who started to loved each other and then got married. It happened with my friend. I watched it happen with them. Who says it can't happen with me?

This made me laugh
Some others will say, 'it's better to marry someone who loves you more than you love them'. And again I ask, really?

I always say, 'if it's not mutual, it's not love'. You profess undying love for me and and I do not feel the same, I nor accept that love o. While I have stopped looking for the 'sweeping off feet' kind( because that kind has got me landing on my butt in the past), I would like for there to be a connection of the the hearts. Or at least, I should like you enough to want to love you. Does that make sense?

My friend and I were talking sometime ago and the issue of one-sided love came up. We both said how much we did not like it. But we wanted to hear a mutual friend's sister's opinion and here's what she said ' So long as he's the one doing the loving I'm fine with it'. Her reason? Men tend to take you for granted when they know you love them. Do I blame her? No. It's been known to happen like she said. However, for me o, If I do not feel it in my heart, I am not doing! How will I survive the marriage na?

One last question for you guys, am I off my rockers to talk like this?


  1. No u not oo, I can soo relate to ur post..for me its mutual love, understanding nd respect or nothing...Yvy

    1. Thanks Dear, it's comforting to hear a like-minded person. Thanks for stopping by too........


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