How Do You Do? Fine?

English is so hard! I am a fan of English language however,I love my mother tongue. Some things are just better expressed in your native tongue,wouldn't you agree? And then,when we try to interpret in English, there comes the 'wahala'. We search for the right words to no avail,so we settle for the ones we can find. A lot of times, those words do not convey the meanings we intend. Other times,in attempting to interpret,we murder the English language. But can you blame us, it's not our mother tongue.

Methinks,a lot of people are better off communicating in their native tongue. Why? The kind of English they speak hurts the ears. I know,I know,it's not our mother tongue. But it is our lingua franca. We are multilingual in Nigeria and English, good English is necessary to communicate properly. So, it is important to know small English. However, it seems a lot of people know too little. Why? Beats me.

I do not understand how someone could pass through primary and secondary schools, a higher institution, and still speak such terrible English. How?

Leaves me with one conclusion. English is hard. I mean, even I find it hard at times. Yesterday, I made a grammatical blunder. Thank God I was alone. Yeah, I think aloud,sometimes. Who doesn't? I'd like to meet you :). Well, I said 'For all you know,you don't know if......' That is tautology,right?

It is confusing too. For instance, when someone says to you 'How do you do?' You should say 'How do you do too?' Why? Shouldn't you be answering the question and saying ,'Fine'?

 So people, is it just me or is English hard?


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