I know Nigerians to be stylish people who like to go with the trend. This is good. However, they tend to move towards an extreme. They usually 'overcopy'. How else can I describe the recent craze of Colour blocking that has taken over the streets. We now see Ladies dressed in outrageous combinations of different colours, especially primary colours. Oh, and the men are not left out. They tag along with the trend.

This one is just an assault on the eyes!
Personally, I've never been one to follow fashion trends. This is probably because I can't afford to change my wardrobe as often as trends change. Or maybe I'm just not that stylish. However, the average Nigerian does not want to be seen as unstylish. What is now called Colour blocking was what we called Colour rara( Colour riot) in school. This was a serious fashion offence, which if you were caught committing, would earn you some ridicule.What used to be an anomaly is now the norm. Anyway, Colour blocking comes in handy for me when I need to wear a particular pair of shoes and do not have a matching bag to go with. See, it ain't all bad. If only we would do it right.

clr blk2 300x237 Assault Of The Colours
Here's doing it right!

Thought this view might be less of an assault on your eyes :)
I cannot end this piece without also talking about the new trend of Skinnies for men. Just when I am yet to come to terms with Ladies wearing them tights and jergens  with tight, short tops, the men, especially the young adults and teenagers decided that they want to adopt the trend. While I'd have to admit that some of them look good in skinnies,I still see a lot of guys looking funny in their crotch-hugging skinnies. Those are the worst!

Oh! I wont also forget the Brazillian, Peruvian, Indian and all the 'ian' hair madness. I have nothing against wearing weaves made from all sorts of human hair, gotten all over the world. Whatever rocks your boat. But, I do have a problem with people over-doing it. Now, wearing a ridiculously long weave made from ANOTHER PERSON'S hair is not a nice trend, if you ask me. Moderation is key.

Well, enough of my rantings for now. We all know, it's been a crazy month in the news. We however, thank God for the gift of life, His blessings and pray that He continues to keep us from harm. On that note, I leave you with this great song. I danced to it all morning and night yesterday.
Catch ya......................


  1. Some Naija babes don't understand that color blocking has rules. Just bc u r blocking doesn't mean u thrw anything on like that. You can't have more thn 2 bright,loud colors on. The third or forth one shld be neutral. And pple shld wear colors that suit their skin tone.
    And when one is color blocking, the shldnt hang around pple that are blocking especially with different bright colors, else the bunch will look like clowns....smh.

    Nice blog u got here.

  2. Totally agree with you on this one. Thanks for stopping by :)


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