I lost my wallet on Friday. It had my I.D Cards, ATM Card, Money and a mix of other things. I had gone to the market after I closed from work. I needed to do some shopping. I’d looked forward to it all week. I had reached into my bag for my wallet after striking a bargain, only to discover, to my dismay that my wallet was not in my bag! I couldn’t be believe it. I was frantic. I stared wildly about. ‘My wallet, my wallet’, was all I could say. The Seller reached out for money and I said, ‘I can’t find my wallet.’ He says, ‘eh?’ and I repeat, ‘my wallet, my wallet’ as I started to go back the way I came by. I did not think it was stolen because I had held my bag real close. I went back where I’d tried to buy a pair of slippers and asked if they had seen a black wallet. ‘Wallet? No o’, was the answer. ‘The road!’ I thought. Maybe I dropped it as I crossed the road .I thought I’d put in my bag when I GOT OUT OF THE TAXI. ‘Maybe I dropped it then’, I thought as I approached the road. Then I saw what looked like a black purse in the middle of the road. I hastened my footsteps, walking between cars, apologizing as I went. It was not my wallet! What? I thought the nightmare was over? But alas, it wasn’t.
Disappointed and distraught, I continued to the place I got out of the taxi. Maybe it dropped on the ground as I got out of the taxi. On my way, I see a Gala boy and ask him if he saw a black wallet. He gave me a funny look and shook his head. He asks how I lost it and after I narrate the events that led up to my Missing wallet, he concludes that I must have dropped it in the taxi. He then directs me to the NURTW (National Union of Road Transport Workers) Office to lay a complaint about the missing wallet. H e however expressed fears that a passenger might pick it before it came to the driver’s attention. The Union Office was a walk able distance, considering the fact that all my money was in the wallet. At the Union Office, I was asked to come back the next day after expressing the same fears as the Gala boy. As I walk back, I still check the ground for my wallet. I do not see it but I do see Gala boy again. He asks how it went. I tell him and lament about how I did not have any money. He had become my friend in that short period. I got stares from passersby who must have wondered what we were talking about. I did not care. My wallet was lost. That was all I cared about. I did not ask Gala boy for money but he gave me money to go home. As you would have guessed, I was really grateful.
The moral of the story is, Imagine how frantic I was about my lost wallet, how I searched for it, how I MADE FRIENDS with Gala boy. I am a Christian. I’m saved. I was lost but now I’m found. Reconciled unto God by Jesus Christ. Having been reconciled , I have been given the Ministry of reconciliation, as any other person who is saved. It is my duty to reach out to the lost, to reach out to the unsaved and tell them about Christ. That’s how the Lost get found!
However, rarely do I do this. I am mostly content in my salvation, I fail to reach out. Throughout my story, you see me frantically look for my wallet. What is a lost wallet worth, compared with a lost Soul? I search desperately for a lost wallet, yet act so lackadaisically about the great commission. As much I’d love to believe otherwise, Souls are lost forever daily! Would I continue to be distracted by the things that do not matter at the expense of matters of life and death?
O Lord, please make me as passionate about lost souls as You are. Let Your Message of Reconciliation burn like fire in my bones so I do not have a choice but to speak it. Amen.
NB: My wallet has not been found.


  1. NB: My wallet has not been found.

    lol very funny

  2. Madawaki, you think it's funny? Well,try having your wallet stolen!


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