I love Contemporary Christian Artists. However, there's an issue concerning them that I'm not quite clear on. Now I believe they do have a say on what movies their songs are used as soundtrack. The question is : why do I hear the songs of some of my favourite artists in movies that are not related in any with these songs? Examples :

Ice Castles - song like 'That's how the lost gets found' ,amongst others by Brit Nicole.
The Other End of the Line - 'This is the air I breathe' by Michael W. Smith
Vampires Diaries - 'Cut' by Plumb

Really, it kind of breaks my heart. Some of these songs are so so deep that one had to really listen to them to understand them. But you hear them in these movies and  they totally lose meaning. Really,why do these artists allow this? Can they not see that it does not help? At least,pick the movies.Make sure they agree with what you and your songs profess. It isn't all about money or fame.Assuming that's the temptation,of course. Let these acts of sacrilege come to an end, please. As a fan of these artists and a lover of their music,it's kind of disappointing. Please, would someone tell them to stop?


  1. I totally understand your feeling towards this, but me thinks that If these gospel artists actually allow their songs to be used in such movies, then who am I to object...? #TakinPanadolOnTopPersonHead

    BTW, I love that brit nicole's 'the lost get found' to bits. Always on repeat & on blast on my gospel playlist

    1. Yeah, I kinda agree with you. It's their songs after all.


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