I am sick of it. The fact that the world is sick. I know better than to question God. I know the wickedness of human nature. The heart of man is desperately wicked, as The King James Bible puts it. Why would you rape a five-year old? Why would you rape anybody? Man is selfish,only thinks of himself. I understand this ; every evil that man does is to satisfy an evil, sometimes animalistic need. But, must our children suffer for man's wickedness?  We pray.We really do. We pray that God'll protect our children. But there's only so much God can do in a world as evil as ours. Besides, He has given us His Best. Why do we not accept God's Best? Why do we not accept JESUS. Do we not see that it's the only way? HE IS THE ONLY WAY.
The government. What do they do? I do not see. Recently, in Kano a man was sentenced to one year in jail for raping a child. Just one year? Seriously? That's all they can do? The government does not even help us.
So, I go back to my prayer. God help us!


  1. the world has been bad since no be today.the only thing one can do is to protect u and urs


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